. Completely focused on the customer needs with tailor made products and customised solutions.
. In close cooperation with our customers, we contribute to both: customer's product development and customer's cost effective supply chain solutions.
. Due to the group synergies and the shared know-how, we can produce high quality sacks and deliver the full range of group products


. A new approach to the supplier-customer relationship by introducing the partnership concept.
. Web based services, in real time, 24hours, by access to our ERP system throughout the e-platform.
. a new efficient communication's tool, to provide customers with necessary information and the ability, to check/send orders, lead time, delivery status, prices, remaining stock in our warehouse, etc.

Gascogne Sacks

. a quite new organisation put in place in order to answer the major key accounts demands in various industries...
. European identity for Sacks business, coordinating its five sacks plants communications, especially with regard to major accounts and asserting its power, as Europe s fourth biggest sack makers.
. Annual capacity production of 500 millions p/s.
. The most complete range of products on the market (size, range, construction optional features...)
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