Paper sacks of AIGIS, provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for the needs of all market segments.
The full range of paper sacks products, meet all requirements of the:
. Cement Industries,
. Flour mills,
. Food industry,
. Building materials industry,
. Animal food production units,
. Chemical industries,
. Mineral industry, etc.

The appropriate design and the high quality construction of produced sacks, guarantee the optimal productivity of customers' bagging equipment, either rotor or fixed spout, whether or not automated.

Paper Sacks characteristics:

. Open mouth / Valve sacks
. One to six layers
. Contents: 5 to 50 kg
. Packing: In Sea worthy Pallets and reels also
. Special papers: High Porosity, composites, mono-plies, etc.
. Special valves applications for Cement, Mortars, PVC, etc.
. HDPE liner
. Printings up to six (6) colours
. Printed patches
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